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Could you survive?

December 10th, 2008 at 06:03 am

I saw this fun checklist elsewhere, and decided to copy and paste it here to share. So, what do you think? Could you "survive"?

Could you survive in middle class?
1. I know how to get my children into Little League, piano lessons, etc.
2. I know how to set a table properly.
3. I know which stores carry the clothing brands my family wears.
4. My children know the best name brands in clothing.
5. I know how to order in a nice restaurant.
6. I know how to use a credit card, checking account and savings account, and I understand an annuity. I understand term life insurance, disability insurance and 20/80 medical insurance as well as house, flood and replacement insurances.
7. I talk to my children about going to college.
8. I know how to get one of the best interest rates on my new car loan.
9. I understand the difference among the principal, interest, and escrow statements on my house payment.
10. I know how to help my children with their homework and do not hesitate to call the school if I need additional information.
11. I know how to decorate the house for the different holidays.
12. I know how to get a library card.
13. I know how to use most of the tools in the garage.
14. I repair items in my house almost immediately when they break, or know a repair service and call it.

Could you survive in poverty?
1. I know which churches and sections of town have the best rummage sales.
2. I know which rummage sales have "bag sales" and when.
3. I know which grocery stores' garbage bins can be accessed for thrown away food.
4. I know how to get someone out of jail.
5. I know how to fight and defend myself physically.
6. I know how to get a gun, even if I have a police record.
7. I know how to keep my clothes from being stolen at the Laundromat.
8. I know what problems to look for in a used car.
9. I know how to live without a checking account.
10. I know how to live without electricity and a phone.
11. I know how to use a knife as scissors.
12. I can entertain a group of friends with my personality and my stories.
13. I know what to do when I don't have money to pay the bills.
14. I know how to move in half a day.
15. I know how to get and use food stamps or an electronic card for benefits.
16. I know where the free medical clinics are.
17. I am very good at trading and bartering
18. I can get by without a car.

Could you survive in wealth?
1. I can read a menu in French, English and another language.
2. I have several favorite restaurants in different countries of the world.
3. During the holidays, I know how to hire a decorator to identify the appropriate themes and items with which to decorate the house.
4. I know who my preferred financial advisor, legal service, designer, domestic employment service, and hairdresser are.
5. I have at least two residences that are staffed and maintained.
6. I know how to ensure confidentiality and loyalty from my domestic staff.
7. I have at least two or three "screens" that keep people whom I do to wish to see away from me.
8. I fly in my own plane or the company plane.
9. I know how to enroll my children in the preferred private schools
10. I know how to host the parties that "key" people attend.
11. I am on the boards of at least two charities.
12. I know the hidden rules of the Junior League.
13. I support or buy the work of a particular artist.
14. I know how to read a corporate financial statement and analyze my own financial statements.

23 Responses to “Could you survive?”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    middle class...i would be lost in any other world.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I actually learned a quite a few of the poverty "skills" from my dad who grew up in poverty. So I actually identified a bit with that part, but am happy to say I much more identified with the middle class.

  3. mom-sense Says:

    Middle class here too, though I have Depression-Era skills as well.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Yep...middle class.

  5. Caoineag Says:

    I straddle poverty and middle class. I understand most of the middle class stuff now but definitely was raised with a better understanding of the poverty points.

  6. Petunia Says:

    Middle class, definitely. I have a few of the poverty skills but nothing in wealth, couldn't survive very easily in that environment.

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    About three from middle class, one from poverty and one from wealthy. I guess I'm D) None of the above. LOL

  8. Analise Says:

    I am definitely comfortable in middle class and connect with about 2-3 things from the wealthy list.

    There are about 12 items I am very familiar with on the "surviving in poverty" list because of all my years of working in inner city, high-poverty schools. Such was the daily reality for many of my families and they would often come to the school for help.

  9. gruntina Says:

    I grew up in poverty. I am no longer in poverty but still have a habit of living in poverty in some areas.

  10. princessperky Says:

    Sorta middle class, but I don't know a thing about brands or piano lessons..I do know which friends to query on outgrown clothes for hand me downs though, and which can play piano...That and I know nothing about repair, thankfully I have a husband who does (that and friends if I need em)

    Kinda nice to live around middle class, they have plenty of 'stuff' to spare to keep me out of the poor bin.

  11. dmontngrey Says:

    Hmmm... between middle and poverty. Not surprised.

  12. Broken Arrow Says:

    I guess to answer my own question, I am most definitely in middle class. But that's pretty much what I've figured to be.

    I check off a couple of things from the wealthy section, and several from the poor section, but I don't think I qualify for either one.

  13. lizajane Says:

    Middle class. I don't think I'd survive in poverty or wealth.

    I do want to know, however, if #6 in wealth has anything to do with #6 in poverty! LOL

  14. whitestripe Says:

    gosh i feel terrible knowing i tick all the boxes in poverty and only some in middle and a couple in wealth. :S

  15. disneysteve Says:

    Interesting list.

    I'd say almost all on the Middle Class list. #3 and #4 don't really apply as none of us are brand conscious when it comes to clothing. And I'm not always so good at #14. If something breaks and we can live without it, I'll often leave it broken.

    I can confidently do at least 6 things on the Poverty list and could manage a few others if necessary.

    I can do 2 things on the Wealthy list.

  16. Brenda Says:

    I'd say middle class for me too and the way I am, you couldn't pay me to be in the wealth group.

  17. Ms. Pearl Says:

    Definitely middle class for me. But as I was reading the poverty one I thought of a close friend of mine I met through work. I think she could identify with that section.

  18. whitestripe Says:

    lol, actually i realised i can do ALL the things (well except for brand things bc they dont really apply) in the middle class and poverty. Big Grin and several in the wealthy list. woohoo.

    hmm. i am not particulary impressed with # 6 in poverty. technically that could apply to wealthy and middle class, not just poverty. that's a big stinking sterotype!

  19. Koppur Says:

    mostly middle class, but not all of them. Some poverty as well.

  20. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Between middle and poverty although I also have some from the wealthy. Some of the poverty I never associated with poverty, but with being frugal and having common sense, such as 1,2,5,7,8,10,11,12,14 and 17..

  21. my english castle Says:

    I can order food in other languages, and because of DH, have favorite restaurants in London and elsewhere in the UK. Other than that, I'm pretty boringly middle class--except for my extraordinary skills at rummage sales, laundromats, and years of doing without a car.

  22. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Although I have spent most of my life in poverty, I'm choosing to identify as loaded. It's fun to be a Canadian living close to the border: #1 and #2 in the wealth area are covered!

  23. sicilyyoder Says:

    I would say that I am some of all. I lived without electricity and a phone when I was Amish, and I lived in porverty alot when I was younger- seen people go to jail, and had to go with mom when I was little to the food stamp office and the Section 8 office, so I have done alot of the "Poverty", sections. However, I still love rummage sales, and I think that can also be frugal "Middle Class", too. I majored the seocnd time in Textiles and Home Economics, so I know about brand-name clothing, although I prefer to shop when on sale. I took two years of French in high school, and two years of Spanish in college, so I could read a nice menu. Doing travel and fasion reviews for my website, I have had the advantage of eating at very nice places, and staying at very nice places. And, being an author, I have a publicist, and a bodyguard for when I do book tours, but its nothing ritzy. My former publicist, now she was ritzy...nice but very upscale and ritzy. She tried to make me appear like that, and that wasn't me at all.

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