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January 2nd, 2009 at 10:08 pm

After spending years living where I am and dealing with some glare on my computer screen, I finally got around to doing something about it by getting some bedroom curtains.

The bedroom windows are interesting in that the previous owner decided to weld his own curtain hanging frame out of small copper piping. I don't know why, but that's what he did. This also presents an interesting challenge because many of the conventional curtains out there would not work.

It just happens so that I also have a set of leftover shower curtain hooks that is collecting dust in my closet. Put two and two together, and you've got another mad-cap, zany idea brewing in my head.

Yes, I thought, "Hey, what about shower curtains? Why not?" I've tried stranger things before, so why not indeed! I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to take a look at what my options are out there.

You know, I never realized until now that there are some very plush shower curtains out there! The one I settled on is made out of 100% polyester, but it feels unnaturally good! Very fabricky, not plasticky!

I bought it, gave it a try and lo and behold, it worked out great! It blocks out just enough light to not cause a glare problem, and yet, still lets enough sunlight into the room to make a very distinctive "warm glow" that I find very soothing!

Yeah, so the idea is crazy, but I really love how it turned out! (Either that, or I'm just easy like Sunday morning.) Of course, I can't simply describe this with just words alone, so here's a quick picture of my room (taken at night).

Here's the curtain pattern that I selected.

Oh yeah, and here are the leftover hooks that I used.

17 Responses to “Curtains”

  1. shiela Says:

    It looks good BA. Smile

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Thanks! I know it's weird and it's not the prettiest window treatment out there. But, I like it so far. Plus, to make it look really nice would require extra dough that I am not prepared to pay for right now.

  3. swimgirl Says:

    Aren't you clever?! Good job, BA!

  4. homebody Says:

    I think it's great! Previous owner was probably frugal. I like him! OD and I were just looking at shower curtains over the holiday at BB&B so I know you are right, there was a huge selection.

  5. scfr Says:

    What a great idea, and it looks very nice too.

  6. tynana Says:

    Wow, very impressive. I am like you and use what I need to to get the job done. I found a curtain topper at Wal-mart on clearance for $5.00. Had an old rod at home that I was able to shorten. Used some drawer pulls shaped like crowns that I found at Hobby Lobby on sale and glued to the end of the rod. Had some old tassels that I also hung from the ends. Received numerous positive comments from guests at our New Year's Party who thought I spent alot more for them than I had. Total cost $12.00

  7. Ima saver Says:

    Good job, BA!!

  8. gruntina Says:

    I made my dining room and kitchen valance out of shower curtains! People were shocked to find out it was shower curtains that I got on clearance.

  9. Aleta Says:

    It looks great BA. Now that's what I call improvising. I have also used the same curtains that I have in my bedroom in my master bathroom. Sometimes it is hard to find something close or the size that you need.

  10. Aleta Says:

    what I meant to say was that I use the same fabric panels for my shower curtains, not my window curtain.

  11. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Now how did you DREAM that up? HOPE you enjoy it. I IMAGINE you "SHELL" like it.

    Nice soft appearance.

    Curtains in my son's old room are hung with shower curtain rings coupled with clip-on cafe rings. At my insistence, he sewed the curtains himself from $1/yard fabric. That was how he learned to use the sewing machine at age 10. All he needed to do was sew some huge flat rectangles. He has a wall of windows and at the time there was no other way we could have afforded curtains. IIRC, it took 16 yards.

  12. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Good Job !! They look cool...another advantage is that they can be cleaned easily in situ if necessary.

  13. Broken Arrow Says:

    Haw haw, your response in particular made me laugh, Joan.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that part of the reason why I picked this pattern was because it also costed less than other ones. This is still a personal finance blog!

  14. asmom Says:

    That looks good, very nice. On the home improvement shows that I am addicted to they are always advocating different ways to hang curtains, sometimes they just use plain bedsheets dressed up. Your solution is a great one also.

  15. Koppur Says:

    Oooh, I like them! Very nice choice!

  16. LuxLiving Says:

    My sunroom windows are covered with shower curtains leftover from the last bedroom makeover - they used to be the bedroom curtains.

    Yours looks nice BA!

  17. my english castle Says:

    In my last house, I hung place mats with those clip-on cafe curtain hooks for a valance. It was cute and much cheaper than the Pierre deux stuff I really wanted.
    Here's to improv~!

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