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Belle reprised

January 19th, 2009 at 04:34 pm

Some may recall my uh experience last year trying to learn the guitar, but only made a test recording. In any case, I finally got the time, inclination, and all the gear in place to make a "full" recording of Jack Johnson's Belle.

Now, I know it's far from perfect, but you know, I've never tried to be perfect with these things. I just do it strictly for fun so....

With that in mind, here's my full recording for Belle.

Now I can finally move on to a different song....

11 Responses to “Belle reprised”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing! Now if only I was familiar with Jack Johnson's version.... oh well.

  2. Petunia Says:

    Someday I'll be off dial up and able to listen. . .

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    For those who missed it the first time, legend has it that Jack Johnson's wife is foreign and spoke French. Jack doesn't know French, and in his own way of teasing her, he wrote this song, trying to "pick her up" for a date, but not knowing what language she supposedly speaks. True or not, the back story is part of what gives this song so much charm to me.

    The chords that I use are a simplified version of what he uses, and the original Jack Johnson song also includes an accordian player, which I obviously don't have and can't do.

    Here's the original song in case you want to know what it really sounds like.

    Petunia: If you want, I can make a separate file available for download. Just let me know.

  4. swimgirl Says:

    BA- nice!

    I love music!

  5. dmontngrey Says:

    Ooh, thanks for the link! That really put it in perspective. Nice job with your version!! C'mon - time to get cracking with the accordian. Wink

  6. swimgirl Says:

    BA - GREAT guitar! I let my teens listen and they thought it was really accurate!

    Thanks for the link! And also thanks for alerting me to esnips. My daughter is 17, and does a fair bit of recording. Of course, I think she is a great singer... she has gotten similar feedback from others who are not her mother. Anyway, I'm going to post a link to her songs on my blog. Not trying to have an "American Idol" competition here, really. Would you mind if I did that?

  7. frugaltexan75 Says:


    I liked your first version very much - thought it sounded good. But this one I can def. tell that you've really got the song down and added a bit of yourself in to it. Bravo! Big Grin

  8. Broken Arrow Says:

    Thanks everyone. Hehe. Kinda of nice of you to say because I've a lot of glaring mistakes in there. And not my better voice works either. It's bad enough that I'm tempted to do it again. But I won't, because I'll end up getting obsessed over it.

    Have at it, swimgirl! esnips.com is free for us all to play with.

  9. homebody Says:

    I thought it was very nice, nice voice, good guitar.... reminds me I need the last recording my dad made playing the mandolin with a friend playing guitar.

  10. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Nicely done! Quite nicely done!Smile

  11. Petunia Says:

    BA - That is so thoughtful of you! But between computer issues and slow down load times I'm going to have to pass. Thanks for thinking of me.

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