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Viva frugality!

September 1st, 2009 at 07:33 pm

In a previous comment, someone mentioned that they may not fit in as a frugal because they like the finer things in life, even though they pursue it in a responsible manner.

You know what? That's exactly what it means to be a Frugal!

Frugality and us Frugals (or Fruggies) tend to get a bum rap, as if we're all some 30's Depression old fogeys clinging to our tattered clothes and hoping for the next hand-out at the soup line because we're too stingy to pay for our own food.... Er, no offense if anyone here IS from that time period.

But the point is, we need some serious PR work here because that's not what being frugal is all about! No, seriously it's not! Big Grin

Frugality is simply a path of self-examination, investing in what is important to us and what brings us comfort and joy in life. The pursuit of happiness, but in an intelligent and responsible manner.

Frugality doesn't mean you can't travel, go out for dinner, or buy nice things once in a while. Yes, it may involve delayed gratification, budget planning, and saving up for it. Yep.

Doesn't sound too exciting, but we're smart people with head on our shoulders and feet on the ground, right? Some planning, saving, and even self-sacrifice is necessary sometimes in order to realize our dreams. We can either accept that and work hard at it, or we can live in the nightmarish world of false hope and false dreams through 19.9% interest and overdraft charges.

Now, I know some people are being frugal because they need to right now. Times are tough, and pinching pennies is a necessary way of getting by. That's true. But I think that only shows the versatility of Frugality, and not necessarily its full potential. Truth is, in my darker days, even just not having to worry about credit card debt was a source of happiness in itself. But it doesn't have to stop there either. In time, frugality brought even more comfort and joy to my life. And all that it asked in return is to be realistic about it and have patience.

But don't you see? We're the Bon Vivants of the financial world! Smile. Dance. Travel. Just don't go into credit card debt over it. Know what I mean?

To me, frugality is a world of beauty that is filled with guitar music, slow dances, and candle lights in a dreamy little foreign locale somewhere. And yet, it's also a world made very possible and very real simply because we work hard and approach it in a smart and realistic manner.

So, maybe I'm in a weird mood tonight, but come on now, who's with me?!

12 Responses to “Viva frugality!”

  1. princessperky Says:

    Like Smile

  2. shiela Says:


  3. AKSaves Says:

    Nice post! I agree Smile
    The only thing is I've found some hardcore frugal people (or rather, people who really identify with the label) can get a lil haughty toward those who do splurge on nonessentials.... almost like vegetarians toward pescetarians or something. "You can't POSSIBLY be frugal if you bought a $500 coat." Etc.

  4. Maismom Says:

    Love your post. And it is so true that frugality is not about "not doing anything". It is about being able to do things that really matter to us.

  5. Nika Says:

    Thanks Smile I just have hard time even saying the word frugal to describe myself. I doubt anyone would use it.

    We tend to associate frugality with "necessity-only" spending.

    Frugal is going to Wallmart or a thrift store and getting a $10 sweater. My idea of frugal is liking a $450 sweater but waiting patiently for the mid or end-of-season sale to get it for $180. (it is better, however, than buying 4 crappy sweaters for the same amount). But still, is a $180 sweater frugal? No. It is beautiful though. Light, warm, flawless, unusual, etc... And if after a month of checking the price weekly it goes on sale, I will be weak and take it home.

    Some people on this board put me to shame. After reading their posts my wants seem extravagant. But they are not going away! It is hard in NYC. Too many temptations presented daily that in other places you won't even know exist.

    Blogging and reading other peoples blogs in just a way to get help distinguishing things I want and things I really want.

  6. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    BA.. what a great journey you took us on there ! You have a great way with words !!

    I agree with your post entirely....

    Maybe we need a new word to describe the person in your post... emmmm

    Resource Prioritiser....(bad)...
    Captain of the Money Train.. hehe

    Extracting most joy from small amounts of money Specialist...

    Oh.. I give up ! lol

  7. creditcardfree Says:

    Great post BA!

  8. Ima saver Says:

    I agree with you, BA!!

  9. SicilyYoder Says:

    I agree!!!! Your so right about that.

  10. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Frugal to me this evening means grilling Aldi's sirloin steaks with our home grown vegetables. My early retired DH and I will sit at our 1940's metal picnic table scrounged from an alley and refinished as a co-project by my father and myself 15 years ago. It'll be topped with purple fabric bought, yes, at Wal-mart for $1/yard. Having seen BA's photo, I believe I'll set some candles on the table, too. No need to buy a flower for the table, as we will be surrounded by roses, grown from little slips. Later we might walk up to the neighborhood snowcone hut for $1.25 dessert. Then we'll stick our stained tongues out at each other, his green from fake-o lime, mine the color of our tablecloth from fake-o grape. Smile ....No pleasure in frugality? Ha!

  11. toomeys Says:

    Yep, thats definitely a better spin on this. Not spending on stupid stuff that you cant remember 2 weeks later even what you bought is my definition!

  12. LuxLiving Says:

    Late to this party, but count me in.

    Frugality in many spending areas allows me the room to be frivolous a bit in the areas that give me the most pleasure.

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