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Crazy dream

October 5th, 2009 at 06:21 am

Completely non-financial, but I just had one of the craziest dreams ever.

Basically, the earth suddenly froze over. Ice age, global warming, I don't know. At first, a bunch of people and I who are stranded together thought it was just a bad winter, but as it dragged on and supplies depleted, it became clear that it was not.

Anyways, we were wondering what we should do from this point on when someone I've never seen before went around to all of us and said to congregate at this big house in the distance. They promised to have plenty of heat and snacks, so why not.

A fairly large group showed up, and this woman who was apparently the leader, addressed us. First she welcomed us and talked about what we would need to survive, and that there could also be roaming bandits and we needed to protect ourselves. Then she had us split into groups that she said we need to stick together at all times. Ok, that made sense.

Then she went on talking about how the Goddess Gaia is angry with us and this is her way of punishing her children for abusing the planet. Something like that. I wasn't paying attention because I thought she was nuts.

She must have sensed that because after her speech, she went back into a private room with several of her people, and suddenly came out with a power saw. She came straight up to me, and with fire in her eyes, grabbed my hand, put the saw next to it, and screamed in front of everyone, "Are you a spy?"

I was like, "What? I'm not a spy of anything!" That completely shocked me. Equally shocking was that, while I resisted her putting a revving power saw to my hand, I didn't fight back. Well, she may have been crazy, but she was a smallish woman and somehow I thought I could convince her that I wasn't whoever she thinks I was.

She went on screaming about me being a non-believer, and well... she got me there! I only went along quietly because I didn't want to be rude, but I don't know what in the world she's talking about with her Goddess and why that has anything to do with us trying to survive the cold.

At one point, I thought she might have been convinced that I wasn't at least a spy, but then she grabbed my hair, and started to rev the power saw behind my neck. By then, I thought, "Ok, I've had enough of this", and just when I was about to fight back, I felt a hot burning behind my neck, my body jerked, and suddenly I woke right up.

My very first conscious thought when I woke up was, "What happened? She killed me.... She killed me! That bitch! I'm going back to sleep just so I can beat some sense into her!" Ah, but alas... I can't just fall back asleep and dream the same thing again. Besides, it was time to go to work anyways. Big Grin

The drive to work this morning was a rainy, somber one, as I reflected on the dream I just had. "Wow, that's the first time I've ever died in my dreams for anything. Ever. And not only that, but I was executed." Big Grin

I tried to make sense of it, but I couldn't. I mean, I have to admit that a public execution was actually a pretty smart way to control a group from the get go, because it eliminated a potential detractor, and at the same time, scared the rest of her "flock" into submitting to her authority.

But it's only a dream right? And dreams tend to be irrational to begin with. But then again, I also think dreams often times contains some nuggets of insight into our own personal psyche. I just wish I knew what it is. Big Grin It wasn't a nightmare, and I was more pissed than anything. And I don't really have any problems in real life. I just don't know what to make of it, except that it was the first time I ever died in a dream.

What about you? Have any idea what it could mean? Had any weird dreams like that before?

13 Responses to “Crazy dream”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Well, I don't know what it means. I would also be a bit worried if I died in a dream...but it is just a dream. My husband and I both had strange dreams Saturday night...not sure where those came from either.

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Did she resemble your ex-wife?

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    HAHAHAHA funny, Lux. No, she didn't at all.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Lux - LOL! That would explain a lot. I was going to say I have no idea. She could have symbolized his ex, yes. Strangely, that actually makes sense.

    I actually had a very clear vivid dream that I died. I knew I Was going to and it happened. It wasn't near as dramatic. Just I knocked something electric/plugged in into the shower. & I remember thinking, "oh crap. This is a STUPID way to die." I was relieved to wake up after that! That dream was when I Was in college. I am still alive and well. Big Grin But the irony was that it was so vivid. I've had some very vivid dreams come true. & other similarly vivid dreams were just bizarre and I will probably never know what they mean.

    BA - that is one bizarre dream!

  5. dmontngrey Says:

    I am VERY thankful that I rarely remember my dreams! There's enough drama in real life - I don't need it in dreamland.

  6. Patrick Says:

    I have dreams like that quite often. I've heard (but don't know if its true) that you can't actually die in a dream. As you are to die you wake up. And thats what has always happened in my dreams. I'd like to try to
    stay sleeping and see what happens.

  7. Broken Arrow Says:

    Really, you die quite often in your dreams? I would think that's cause for concern somehow.

    If that ever happens to me again, I'm going to try to stay asleep too. I want to rise back from the "dead" and knock the blocks off of whoever did that to me. Big Grin

  8. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I think you just watched the same James Bond movie (gag) on TV as my DH did last night! Interesting dream. I'd love to tease out some meaning from it if we were together in person....In general I suggest word play, punning, and free association to arrive at meaning to dreams.

    Last night I had "nice" dream of having moved to London for a year and met all my new neighbors out on the community patio around which the apartment building circled. They were very friendly and even promised to help me learn where to get the best buys on everyday needs! Smile My apartment was a single room --no bath, no kitchen-- in an old elevator shaft and it had a mattress on the floor. I thought I would need to buy large plastic boxes to store my stuff in underneath the mattress once it arrived. At first I was afraid the floor of the apartment might fall (elevator), but then I realized there must be similar one-room cubby hole apartments on each floor of the elevator shaft so it must all be secure. Upon waking, I decided my dream was a metaphor for the new life of DH & myself upon his recent retirement: Neither going up nor down, yet still feeling only tenuously secure (stopped elevator) while still going places (London).

  9. monkeymama Says:

    I think these are some good answers. & I can see how they could apply, from what we know from your blog anyway.

  10. Broken Arrow Says:

    WOAH! That first line really scared me! No way I'm having a baby (or involved in that process).

    But the rest, yeah maybe. I would like to think that perhaps I am attempting to somehow transition to a better way of life on a spiritual level or something like that.

    I will say one thing though: Dream or not, I don't like anyone threatening me for no good reason. Next time it happens, it's go time! My dream, MY WORLD. Big Grin

    Anyway, very thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing!

  11. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow BA, quite a dream you had there. I don't think I've ever really remembered any dreams I've had.

  12. monkeymama Says:

    Yeah, I thought further down had some interesting theories. Not the first line - LOL! I should have clarified before...

  13. LuxLiving Says:

    I was surprised that you let yourself become the scapegoat in this dream rather than use your skills. Don't wait too long to kick into defense mode in your next dream world!

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