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Mixed bag quickies

October 23rd, 2009 at 06:18 am

Half stock market talk.

* By now, who has not heard of "jobless recovery"? Are we in one though? Who has been working extra hours rather than seeing their employers hire new people?

Hopefully, we are at least in an inventory rebound, where demand may not have surged, but at least production needs to pick up now that inventory has been exhausted.

What do you think?

* I admit I might be getting tired of trading in general, including stock trading. The whole thing started out really more as a learning experiment than anything. And at this point, I am fairly satisfied with what I've been able to experience, especially being able to put it to the test in this recession.

But, when it's all said and done, I think there are other things in life that I should focus on as well. There's no rush on such a decision though, so I'm going to take my sweet old time to think this one over.

* I decided to shop at a ritzy neighborhood grocery store and I was amazed at some of the prices. One of the favorite Gatorades, which normally costs only $1, costs about $1.50 there! A 50% markup! And that's not the only thing.

The prices on other items were about the same. For example, Little Debbie snack cakes still remained at around $1.19 or so, but I guess you really can't argue with the pre-printed price on the box. Big Grin

I will say their supermarkets tend to be better stocked and staffed, especially with a variety of foods that I don't see elsewhere.

That said though, I felt like I was being robbed by somebody. Big Grin

2 Responses to “Mixed bag quickies”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Proves that you have to know your prices - and why many frugalites are strong advocates of keeping a grocery price book.

  2. frugaltexan Says:

    Little debbies around here start at $1.37. Frown so the box price is ignored

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