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Dinnerware debate

October 28th, 2009 at 05:57 am

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I thought you guys might find this funny. I'm a guy, but here I am looking through dinnerware sets. This seems kind of pretty to me, though maybe not entirely practical and is too thematic:

Anyways, I still live very much like a bachelor, complete with plastic forks and paper plates. I was just thinking that maybe it's worth the investment to use real plates instead. I mean, used long enough, it can save money right?

I'm also thinking about getting an electric grill (such as a George Foreman grill) and possibly a juicer. All this, I think, would help me cook more at home, and eat healthier and cheaper.

But I don't know. Spending this kind of money up front makes me wonder if I am thinking straight lately, or have I slipped back to my old spendy ways? Would I really use them enough to justify it? And if I were to get a dinnerware set, any particular advice or suggestions on where to look? Or will anything from Walmart do?

13 Responses to “Dinnerware debate”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    For a bachelor I'd go to Walmart or likely my thrift store and buy plain white Corelle. There you can just buy the pieces you need. Have no need for coffee cups and saucers? Don't buy them.

    I personally like old-fashioned thick restaruant ware and have bought pieces individually in white & ecru at various antique places, thrifts and garage sales as I see them. Works for us, and I don't have a lot of extra pieces laying around that we never use.

    I'd for sure get the grill, and maybe see if you can borrow someone's juicer and try it and see if you like using it. There ought to be a gazillion of these things available used, if you've no objection to going that route.

  2. momcents Says:

    For me, the day-to-day stuff has to be Walmart's Corelle (available at other places, too). I've still got little kids who drop things and it is nice that these bounce and don't break. I can buy replacement pieces by themselves at Walmart. My only complaint is that after ten years the painted patterns seem to fade. That is the only reason why I'm replacing my current set.

    I do, however, love finer china and have two sets that I adore - one from my grandmother which I use for Easter and religious events (First Communion, Baptism, priest over for dinner, etc). My mother also bought me a set of Christmas china that I loved as a housewarming gift.

    If you like it, buy it. Certainly is a unique - whimsical without being tacky.

  3. Petunia Says:

    Before marriage I had thrift store plates. I just went in and chose what I thought was pretty. Smile Corelle is a great option for bachelors (Mr H had that!) and readily available at thrift stores if you'd like to get it cheap.

    We now have fiesta ware which I love - great for mix and match and very colorful.

    Even with washing dishes I think you will save money over time by going with real dishes and abandoning paper.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Ok, Walmart Corelle it is! Yeah, I don't need a fancy set right now. Just a small, essential set. Maybe later, some day, I'll spring for nicer ones.

    Yeah, I'm definitely going to look into a small electric grill. Actually, I've been dragging my feet on that one for a while, and may have even blogged about it in the past. Big Grin But yeah, I should just go ahead and dive into one.

  5. Analise Says:

    For everyday (and special-occasion) dishes, I like Fiestaware because of the vibrant colors and if you get it on sale, it is not much more then Corelle. Fiestaware is made in USA, lead-free and classic in design. I mix and match three coordinating colors and I always get many compliments on the table. You can buy it by the place setting, too. Here's the ink on Amazon:


  6. monkeymama Says:

    We just got some cheap "white" plates as well - many years ago. Didn't think of it as much of an investment, but they have held up a decade and everyone always comments how nice they are. (They are??) & heck, you'd be fine with just a 4-set probably. You can start small and add more later.

    Dollar store is hit and miss. We've gotten some nice stuff there and some crappy stuff - but I don't think that's a bad idea!

  7. miz pat Says:

    Make sure there isn't a cheaper grill just like the George Foreman.

    I have a little sandwich thing like one of the Foreman items that I got for about $10 at Kmart that grills single servings.

    Oh - and i think that set is cute as heck.

  8. dmontngrey Says:

    I see you may already be sold on it, but I'll toss in my Corelle vote as well! That stuff is the BEST, and not expensive at all. I have vintage 70s patterns, all second hand of course. Over the years we've blown up two bowls and a plate. Not bad for 30-40 year old dishes really. Our favorite pieces in the set are the little cups - we use them as salsa cups! Smile

  9. CB in the City Says:

    Look at Goodwill before you head to Wal-Mart. People will give away whole sets when they decide they need a change. I've seen beautiful sets dirt cheap.

  10. fern Says:

    You will be helping the environment by doing away with the one-time use of paper plates and utensils.

    You can get a complete set of dishware for very reasonable price, like $30, at places like WalMart. It's certainly not an extravagant move.

  11. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. That and paper plates can be flimsy sometimes too. So, I sometimes have to double up with an extra plate. I do recycle the second plate, but that's when I would think, "You know, real plates, and bowls, and cups for that matter really would be a lot more practical here."

    So, yeah, that's what I've been looking at too: The $30 Walmart Corelles. I'll probably pick up a set some time today. Big Grin

  12. baselle Says:

    Also, another vote for the Corelle. Regular plates are much greener and you don't feel like you're camping all the time. The one feature I didn't really like about the dishes you pictured is texture. I like smooth because you can tell its clean. Textured plates hide sloppy dishwashing. Smooth white also hides dings and scratches. And if you are dishwashing/ microwaving, avoid the metal trim.
    Also Goodwill for the silverware!

  13. Broken Arrow Says:

    Baselle, that's exactly what I thought when I mentioned "practicality" in the entry. That set is pretty, but cost aside, I agree it isn't ideal for everyday use.

    Fortunately, I already have silverware....

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