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Le quickies

March 26th, 2010 at 10:14 am

Because they use the metric system? Big Grin

* Received my electric bill. Because of my previous mishap of over-paying, I am still running at a 2-month surplus right now....

By the way, is my average of $33 a month normal (for one person)? I can't tell. What's your average electric bill?

* Finally got my Perkstreet bonus money! Glad it came through, and the reward points are rolling in too. Everything seems to be in working order, so I'm going to step up my usage.

* Updated my net worth, and it seemed surprisingly high. Then I realized that's because I was suffering last month on the stock market, and this month simply caught it back up. Oh well.

* Still feverishly trying to save money while battling shiny temptations.

5 Responses to “Le quickies”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    my electric bill is in the $80 range for about 950 sq ft when its just me living there. But my house is over 100 yrs old. And has original windows.

  2. Single Guy Says:

    Electric bills can vary wildly based on a number of factors. Size of residence, US location, do you use it for heat, electric rates, etc... My bill that arrived this week was $33. Of course my house heats with gas - but I use an electric oil radiator to heat my bed room, and I keep the rest of the house fairly cold. Also I have replaced windows which helps. So I would say its low, quite low, but not unheard of.

  3. baselle Says:

    Isn't it Les quickies? 'Le' and 'Les' sound the same to my tin ear.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    1400 sq ft, 3 floor condo. New windows/slider two years ago. Electric heat. Three turtle tanks, three fish tanks, plus two electric water bowls - 9 filters between these. Three turtles have their lights on all day. Do you REALLY want to know? Wink
    At best: Never below $125. At worst: $400+ Frown

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    I think you're right, Baselle. But you can also tell I'm not at all fluent in French. Big Grin

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