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Rebate quickies

March 10th, 2009 at 04:23 pm

So I went to REI to redeem my "dividends", and they told me that I can use it anytime for a store purchase, or if I wanted cash, I would have to wait until July.

Those sneaky devils....

Bed Bath & Beyond sent me another one of those 1/3rd off coupons. This time it was $5 off for purchases of $15 or more.

While many items in BB&B are pricey, their basic toiletry section is priced the same as anywhere else. $0.99 for generic toothbrushes and shampoos, before the discount, is more than good enough for me.

I did splurge on one Burt's Bees lip balm. Hey, even a guy gets chapped lips, and Burt's Bees are the best lip balms that I've ever used so far....

But anyway, so long as they keep sending me these kinds of 1/3rd off coupons, I'm going to keep on stock-piling. My bathroom cabinets are starting to swell.

So, sometimes I have this tendency to fall off the frugal bandwagon in spectacular fashion. I mean, I don't just fall off, but I also appear to try to do a triple tuck with a twist in the hopes of impressing the judges.

To come straight out with it.... I bought a Blu-Ray player a while back. I know I know! What in the world do I need that for?

Perhaps it also doesn't help that part of the decision was its particularly good bundle deal that included a necessary HDMI cable that you normally have to buy separately for $30 extra? Oooh, the stone cold glare....

Or how about the free, newly-remastered Blu-Ray version of Sleeping Beauty that they've bundle into the player? It's enchanting, and would have costed another $25 to buy separately? Still angry?

Ok ok, what about the fact that it included a $50 rebate that I just got in the mail?

So, thanking only ever so briefly that I am single and not in the dog house, I now have a $50 pre-paid Visa card in my wallet, ready to do battle with upcoming bills or expenses... rather than buying more movies. You know what would be great in Blu-Ray? Right, I'll just stay here... in the... dog house.

6 Responses to “Rebate quickies”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Speaking of the Burt's Bees Lip balm; I use the one that has color added. It's called Burts Bees Lip Shimmer. I love it. It is the best balm that I've ever tried as well.

    Never thought of picking up the toiletries at BB&B. I also like their Old Yankee Candles.

    Sounds like you're going to enjoy your Blu-Ray.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    My little girl did like Sleeping Beauty. At one point, she turned around looking concerned and asked me, "Are those things really sharp? Will she die?" Referring to the spindle that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on....

  3. MICLASON Says:

    Ooooh, Ale says she's Aurora... (see, we both have long wavy hair!)

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hehe, that's very cute. If you are comfortable with it, you should post pictures of you and your daughter... or at least the hair or something.

  5. Petunia Says:

    You can send your REI thing in now, and they will send you a check in July. That's usually what I do - if I waited until July I would forget about it.

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oh ok! Didn't realize that thanks.

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