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Cadbury, you hussie!

January 19th, 2010 at 07:35 am

Stock market talk.

I wonder if Warren Buffett is fuming right now? I'll bet he is. He just warned his friend, the smitten and all-too-eager Kraft, to be careful about pursuing much younger, gold-digging sirens like Cadbury.

In typical boardroom drama, she finally said, "Yes!" when Kraft tried to propose again, this time with a bigger ring. Apparently, she was only playing hard to get.

However, I speculate that the underlying reason isn't so much as the sweetened deal itself, but rather, the general opposition to the two tying the knot, most notable being his famous friend, Buffett. She might have sensed that this was her last and best chance.

Oh well, at least this isn't the same made-for-reality-TV train wreck that was Microsoft and Yahoo.

5 Responses to “Cadbury, you hussie!”

  1. shiela Says:


  2. pommy Says:

    Kraft are defiantly punching above their weigh to attract such a hot little company as Cadbury and were prepared to woo her with bigger and bigger gifts before she finally melted.

  3. baselle Says:

    lol -

    Its the european accent. Girls fall for guys with the accent; it appears that guys fall for the foreign girl too.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    you should write about stocks like this all the time - it actually makes me interested Big Grin

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Haha, that made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

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