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I R txtin'

May 4th, 2009 at 08:51 pm

Soooo I am actually writing this entry on my iTouch while lying in bed in Snoopy pajama pants. Why am I doing this you ask?

The weather has been heating up, and in an effort to stay cool while keeping the electric bill down, I thought I'd give this a try....

Yeah, I admit having an iTouch in the first place is anything but frugal. It seemed like a good idea at the time since this is how I manage all of my personal finance as well as essential data that I carry with me.

But the cool part (pun intended) is that I don't have to turn on my heat-producing monitor, old PC, and if desired, my speakers just to post this entry. In fact, start up is pretty fast!

The only thing that is not very fast is my thumb typing. On a regular keyboard, I type about quick enough to think freely if that makes any sense. Here, I stumble slightly while thoughts are briefly placed on hold. So, this isn't ideal for long entries such as this one.

What is also limiting is the fact that my "viewing window" if you will is quite small and does take some getting used to.

I suppose all this isn't too bad that for light use, but I would trade a kidney if Apple came up with a larger version with higher resolution. I actually wrote to Stebe Jobs once for that. For an "iTouch HD" with a full-blown browser so I won't have to constantly zoom in and out, and rumor has it a similar "iPad" is in the works but rumor are Anything but reliable....

Ok.I am rambling, thumbtyping on an expensive gadget while making an entry that has nothing to do with frugality. Yep. I am a bad boy. Big Grin I'll try to he extra frugal in my next entry....

3 Responses to “I R txtin'”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    I just signed up for a small amount of internet access on my N95 this month - it's a month by month plan so I can turn it off and on whenever I want. Does internet access cost on your itouch? it is handy for checking things but I agree, difficult to type long posts or comments Big Grin

  2. Tic Toc Says:

    I have an iPod Touch too. It was my Dec birthday present to myself last year. We already had wireless Internet at home so I just wifi off of that so there is no additional monthly charge.
    I love my iPod so much for email, web surfing, storing photos, Facebook, Internet banking, and games, don't forget the games. Oh, and songs, yeah.
    My 5 year old LOVES it for the games! I leave it home so she can play on it when she gets home from Sr. Kindergarten. She understands the value of it and is very careful with it.

    It was the best $230 I ever spent : )

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    whitestripe, I WiFi off of the Touch as well, so unlike cellphone data plans, there is no additional cost for internet access. However, I do need to be in a hot spot.

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