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Mic check. Check check.

August 1st, 2021 at 06:08 am

Wow, so I still have access to this thing?  So cool.  It's been like forever since I have been here, but life goes on, and so did I.

For the record though, I still have not forgotten the lessons in frugality that I have learned here. These are some of the most important life lessons I have ever learned from some of the most supportive online community that I have had the pleasure of er "meeting".  So, thank you all again, and HI HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING?

As for me, the reason I haven't been around is because I changed jobs. Basically, I went from one that allowed me to actively blog to one that does not. I am currently typing this entry on my phone, which is a pain to do.

Due to said new job though (which actually I have been here for at least 2 two years now), I have also moved.  My one big financial challenge was getting my housing situation nailed down, and at long last, for the first time in my life, it is finally done.  I now live in a small condo that I paid for in cash, and because it was a cash offer, I was able to get the seller to agree to well below what my neighbors paid for their condo unit.

So yeah, huge milestone for me to know that I will never have to deal with either mortgage or rent, ever again!  Yeah!  Feels so good!  Sadly, this is something I can not share in real life, as most of my coworkers are struggling financially.  Actually, there is one that isn't, and is actually a millionaire.  However, I have sworn to keep his financial status a secret, because he is the rare exception to a sea of fellow coworkers that sadly still struggle from paycheck to paycheck, with maxed out credit cards, and still pinning their hopes on lottery tickets and cryptocurrencies.

Not all is rosy with this picture, because my HoA fees are absolutely killer.  In a bad way.  However, it is ideally located close to my job, and so that is why I bought it anyways.  Fees aside, the tiny house-like condo lifestyle really does suit me.  Overall, the expenses are still very doable, especially without a mortgage to worry about.

Now, I just need to be a good little boy and stay accountable to my monthly expenses.  And that is partly why I checked back here.  But how are things around here with you guys?  Did I miss anything good?