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I heart my PC

June 5th, 2009 at 01:21 pm

A friend of mine decided to upgrade his PC as well, and since I recently built mine, he was asking me for pictures. I didn't see how pictures of my PC would actually help him, but since he's a very good friend of mine, I was happy to oblige.

And since I have the pics handy, I thought I might as well share it here as well....

But before I do, I just want to emphasize that, despite the extravagance, I've done everything possible to keep costs down on my rig without compromising quality.

* The AV receiver and speakers were a bundle deal from Sears of all places.

* The HDTV is actually advertised and sold as a computer monitor, but it IS a fully-capable HDTV and is absolutely one of the cheapest in its class! In fact, I think it's one of the best kept secrets in Best Buy, if you don't mind the relatively small screen size.

* And finally, I won't say I took the cheapest route with the PC, but I did try to keep costs down. The overall specs are considered average by today's standards, but it can do everything I can ask for and that's more than enough for me.

Also, all of the parts were bought with scalability in mind, so upgrading shouldn't cost as much into the future.

With that in mind, here are the pictures:

I'm sure I'm biased, but I think my set up is actually slightly better than some (but not most) movie theaters! Of course, the ideal seating is only for one person, but that actually helps a lot when it comes to minimizing costs.

Just the same, a part of me feels bad for spending all this money. Suffice to say, I'm done buying stuff I don't need for a very long time!

6 Responses to “I heart my PC”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    My husband would be thoroughly jealous! Smile Enjoy your new toy!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm glad you are enjoying it.

  3. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    You spent money on something that mattered to you and you are really enjoying it !!

    There's no problem here...

    frugality is all about prioritisation as opposed to never spending anything like a miser....

    It's a beautiful setup !! :-)

  4. miclason Says:

    since I'm not saavy enough to make a smart comment... I'll give you my honest impression:

    ooooooh! BLUE lights! (blue is my favorite color!)

  5. whitestripe Says:

    lol @ miclason Big Grin teehee.

    looks great! i don't think anyone should ever feel bad about spending money (that they have earnt - i should note here) on something that they truly enjoy. after all, what is the point in life? life is meant to be LIVED! not scrounging around trying to save every penny you have while being miserable and uncomfortable! of course there are lots of factors to take into consideration (feed yourself first! don't go into debt! don't buy something if you are already in debt! etc etc) but i already know you are a smart cookie when considering things like that, so that's hardly an issue.

    my DF would enjoy your above setup. he also enjoys his cars. i have no problem with him spending money on those items - if he considers the purcahse first. i am the same with cooking, i enjoy it, and i enjoy slowly upgrading and aquiring accesories and gadgets that help me make beautiful food for people.

    Smile enjoy your setup, and i hate to use the horrible and cringeworthy cliche here, but you deserve it!

  6. princessperky Says:

    Beautiful, love the blue lights (mine are green, husbands are red)

    And our 'TV' is a monitor too Smile

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