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Those pesky newspapers

March 23rd, 2010 at 05:58 am

They keep chucking those freebie local newspapers into the driveway. That's like the one freebie I actually don't want!

I managed to find an email to the newspaper that supposedly stops the delivery, but I don't know if it will actually work. They hire these people who are probably paid minimum wage to throw these things into a neighborhood at like 4am in the morning, and in the dark of the night, so I have my doubts that they will actually stop, check over a list and say, "Oh yeah, BA's residence just sent an email saying that they don't want any more deliveries."

Or maybe I'm wrong. Any of you have had success in getting a newspaper to stop delivering those things? Or am I making a mistake by telling them to stop because these are actually good freebies?

1 Responses to “Those pesky newspapers”

  1. yisave Says:

    My auntie used to use those newspapers for the bottom of her bird cage and my grandmother used them for the bottom of her kitchen garbage can. I've used them to wrap unwanted food that would be put into the garbage can. You can always find something to do with them.

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