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The morning after

May 3rd, 2014 at 03:38 am

You ever say or do something and think it was such a great idea the night before, but the morning after, you wake up and think to yourself, "What was I thinking?!" Well, that's what I am thinking about me posting my previous post here.

As always, my mouth precedes my actions, and my foot clearly enjoys being stuffed in said mouth. That is not to say that I am not going to attempt to live in a car. However, there is a reasonable and natural progression of baby steps that should be taken to get there.

For instance, I still plan on getting a cargo van. However, once I get it, I am going to focus on using it for its original design first, which is to carry all the necessary work-related cargo items. They are scattered all about the house and in my current car. It would be wise to organize them all together into an one easy, accessible place, and bring it all with me in the cargo van.

After that, I need to get a feel of the interior dimensions of the vehicle. True, I already know what the numbers are in terms of square feet that I will be working with, but I hear that you just don't really know how something will be like until you step inside it yourself.

After that, maybe I can try to camp out of it overnight or something, while parked at the house. See what kind of minor details that needs to be addressed as it comes up. And if all else fails, I'll just go back inside the house. Big Grin

So on and so forth. Even if the experiment fails, I still need a vehicle for work, and the cargo van I have in mind will still serve handily for just about any task I have in mind (including any future DIY projects).

Soooo it's not totally crazy, even though my goal is certainly pretty crazy. Don't worry though. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures along the way for you guys to gawk and laugh at hahahah.

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8 Responses to “The morning after”

  1. Mooshocker Says:

    The morning a van......yep....been there....done that.....Jamie

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    I don't know why I chuckled at that. That doesn't sound very good.

  3. Kiki Says:

    I have dreamed of building one of those tiny houses built on a trailer.. Some of them are extraordinary and quite comfortable. I think the vandweling idea is very interesting.

    How will this impact time with your kiddos? Will it impact their visits with you?

    And there are quite a few blogs about building a vandewling vehicle. Interesting blogs and stories and good ideas/lessons learned.

    Can't wait to watch you build this new project for your life.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oooh! Kiki remembers the details and asks the important questions!

    No, it will not impact anything as I am still currently staying at a house and my kids and I meet there. Even if I leave in the near future, my parents have agreed to allow us to stay at their place when they visit every other weekend.

    For something like vandwelling, I don't think it's a good idea to just jump right into it... though the results could be hilarious to say the least. Rather, this is something that is best if I can slowly transition into, throughout months or perhaps even years in advance. A lot of details to work out. A lot of adjustments to make. You know what I mean? So that is why I am starting now.

    In fact, ideally, neither my kids nor my parents should even notice that anything has changed with me. That is what I am hoping for.

    Worst case, if circumstances change or if the experiment fails, I'll just go back to more conventional options.

  5. Mooshocker Says:

    The idea of a little house n wheels is becoming very popular. A mid sized car or 1/4 ton pick up to tow it and bammmm. Check it out. Logs of options and manufacturers.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I can't imagine tolerating mid-spring/summer/ mid-autumn in a tin can! I can sure understand needing the ability to camp-out once in a while instead of driving.

    Try not to cause your parents anxiety over this. If you do it, try to ease not just yourself, but your parents into it. "Mom, I was so exhausted Tuesday night, I couldn't drive safely. You know I always keep emergency supplies in the van, so I just slept in the van in the parking lot at work."

    Two weeks later, "Mom, that worked out so well for me that when I had another really long day, I did it again yesterday."

    Next week, "Mom, I'm restocking emergency supplies in my van, and I think I'm going to set a transformer in to power this little fan I found; plus I think I'm going to reinforce the doors to make it less vulnerable to thieves. Besides, we have this big two week project at work and I'm going to be working more hours than is humane, so I'm going to use the van like a camper through those weeks. Guess I'll get a camping mattress, too."

    Come to think of it, you may need to ease your kids into the idea, too. There could be a mega-huge embarrassment factor. Or maybe they'd be proud of their cool dad. Smile
    BTW, I think everybody really should carry some emergency supplies in their car-- if possible, enough to get by for a whole day and night. I rarely follow my own advice though. Mostly just when winter traveling.

  7. snafu Says:

    In spite of being tired after work, hope you'll commit to taking baby steps like 20 minute segments, to bring all your work related cargo items together in one place. It will give you a planning 'station' to decide what you use, what you need, what is missing and what could be released, sold, re-gifted, donated or trashed if too wrecked for practical use.

    During the nightmare of 2008-2010 there were major communities of individuals and small families 'living off the grid.' There is likely lots of info available on-line. They bought/had/used very inexpensive, older 'Class B vans or smaller length Class C RV vehicles which they could outfit/modify to meet their specific needs. Best $$$ spent was Magic Fan. Electric was supplied by a solar panels installed on the roof or in some instances just plugged via extension cord where arrangements were made. Likewise water.

    When our DSs were small we travelled extensively in a camperized van. It was a huge, real life learning experience. A few years ago DH bought a 24' Class A RV and we lived in it for an entire semester where ever were teaching. I was very disappointed when DH sold unexpectedly sold the rig on an offer he couldn't resist.

    Experience has taught that these rigs can be modified to meet specific needs with a lot of planning, some time to source out what you need for a reasonable cost. The work go quickly as the space is small. I'd choose it over a cargo van as it's easier to unscrew/remove what's not needed.

  8. Broken Arrow Says:

    Joan: You bring up two very, very important issues. So thank you for that, and let me address the family first. Actually, my plan is for them to Never Find Out in the First Place (tm). And they don't need to. My parents will simply think I am at my house, and so will my kids. And if I'm not there, it's basic I either am at work or I went out somewhere.

    It's really best this way this I am still experimenting with the idea, and who knows, maybe it will not work out, but only time will tell. So for right now and into the foreseeable near future, there's just no reason for them to even know what I am setting out to do. So shhh, it'll have to be our internet secret... but yes, I will most certainly keep them in mind to avoid any awkward issues.

    As for the upcoming summer heat. Ok this, is an interesting technical issue. It really is. Ask any experienced vandwellers about it, and they will tell you that, ultimately, there is no easy solution here. In fact, it's the only one that can't be addressed, whereas you would think something more obvious like bathroom and showers would be the tough one. This is something that I will have to write a separate entry about at a later date.

    snafu: You really do have experience with this subject matter, huh? You're absolutely right that magic fan (especially the solar one) comes highly recommended, and it's already on my to-buy list... that I am holding off until I actually get into the vehicle. I don't want to make any moves yet until I am inside and see for myself what I really want and don't want.

    Speaking of which, my basic plan is like you said, which is to take it slowly and deliberately. Evolve the living space as needed, or perhaps if it doesn't quite work out, at least I'll still have a good work van.

    And speaking of which, yes, I already have know what kind of cargo van I want. And it is a cargo van. It's very stealthy and does not scream "free candy" rape/NSA van at all. Big Grin But it won't be easy though, even as far as cargo vans go. It will be extremely interesting to see how it works out, or if it will even work out at all.

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