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Let's talk tiny house

May 18th, 2014 at 07:26 am

In a previous entry, kiki commented on the following:

"How about building on of those small houses built on trailers? They can be done for much less than 20k, would be built to your specifications, can be permanent or moved, provide water, showering, toilet, kitchen, living and sleeping spaces. I think they are great."

Funny you should mention that because guess what I've been looking at? Actually, I've been staring at tiny houses for a while now. I've even gone so far as to meet up in one of those local tiny house enthusiast groups.

I mean, if I can't vandwell, I was thinking this would be my next step up as a possible option. There are also companies nearby that cater to exactly this sort of market.

Text is Here's one nearby that I like and Link is
Here's one nearby that I like. I just love all those beautiful wood details!

As for cost, a good one that is pre-built is more like $40k, but that's still pretty affordable for a place to live.

Uhhhhhhh, I've also been looking into underground bunkers and storm shelters. That's a bit more specialized, but is fairly affordable as well....

8 Responses to “Let's talk tiny house”

  1. korihor69 Says:

    I very much like the idea of 'Tiny Houses' I wanted to live in our motor home full time after retirement. My wife put a quick 'No way' on that idea. She said, 'If I chose that lifestyle then stop in and visit once in awhile'. You could purchase a older self contained trailer and a dependable truck to pull it for less than 20K and give it a try. Both truck and trailer would be resellable if it didn't work out. You can rent space in an RV park full time for less than condo rent. And it gives you the option to move to a location of your choice on a whim.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    BA, I like our tiny house idea. I lived in a travel trailer twice, while we were building our houses. It was terrible. Too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. Not to mention that the ants moved in. I hated it and would never do it again. We only did it because we could not find anything to rent with our two dogs. A tiny house sounds nice!!

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I have lived in a 390sq ft house for the past year. It has its pros and cons IMO. I miss having a full size kitchen most. I love to cook and it is more challenging in a kitchen with not much space. It really forces you to be selective on the 'stuff' in your life, which I consider as one of the pros. I don't miss all the stuff. I will be moving back into our bigger country house in a few months, primarily for the kitchen space and to have the washer and dryer in my home again.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    I have watched shows where folks have lived in the tiny houses. I would think it would be a commitment and you would have to think there are more pros and cons. Of course, if one has a simplistic life style, it would probably be a blessing.

  5. korihor69 Says:

    Naturally if you are going to live in a smaller place as a 'temporary' accommodation then you will ultimately despise the arrangement. If you approach the idea as a viable solution to a long term situation there will have to be concessions made. You will have to shift your needs and expectations. Space and storage is always going to be a problem but if you are going to attempt it long term then a minimalist approach may be best. You will do more things outside and expect that in the cold or warm weather that you will have to use the devices and clothing available to make life bearable in either a 'tiny house', trailer or motor home. We have all been spoiled by modern technology but our parents/grand parents were able to cope under much worse conditions. It's not a choice you should make without considering the downside along with the upside.

  6. Petunia 100 Says:

    I don't think I could do a tiny house, but I will probably downsize to a 1 br condo. There are areas where one can be had for not much more than a tiny house. While not portable, they do offer an inexpensive lifestyle.

  7. Broken Arrow Says:

    Haha, lots of interesting thoughts about it. Thanks for the input.

    Petunia: I've also considered just buying one of those condo efficiency suites somewhere or whatever. There's only one in my area that offers it. A 1 bedroom 1 bath for about $30k. It sounds nice up at first, but it's also in one of those college condos where there's usually lots of noise and I may actually be sharing a kitchen and public living area with 3 other people.... which may or may not actually be OK I don't know. Depends on who else is there.

    That and the building was originally built in 1965 I think? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Also, it's pretty far from work, and part of the plan is to cut the commute.

  8. Broken Arrow Says:

    Ima, good to see that you are still around! Hope you are all doing well!

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