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Thanks Obama

January 5th, 2016 at 09:57 pm

I tell you, nothing gets me out of the woodwork like a good political debate on gun control. For those who don't know by now, I'm very pro-gun. Been both a gun owner and a conceal carry licensed carrier for about 20 years now. Yeah....

That said though, I have to tell you, I am really moved by what President Obama is trying to do right now. He's doing what he can to try to keep society free and safe from further violence (perpetrated by firearms). I can respect that. In fact, I hope he succeeds. Seriously. Even though I am very pro-gun, I've always felt there were too many loopholes for shady people to get their hands on legal firearms. As far as I can tell, he's just trying to close some of those loopholes.

For the most part, I really do think President Obama has done a good job in trying to make a difference, and making our nation a better place. Agree or disagree, you can't argue that at least he tries (such as these latest executive actions for example). So uh, thanks Obama. Really!

Finally, I want to emphasize that I am not affiliated with the government or any political parties or factions or lobbies in any way. In fact, I really don't like nor care for politics most of the time.

But this is a personal finance blog, not a politics blog so let me shift gear. HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING? Well I hope. I am doing quite well here actually. Finally ended up in a new house.

Um, finally bought some furniture for the first time. As always, I kept everything to a minimum I think. Just a sofa and a desk is new really. The rest is still the same.

In fact, I still only have a mattress on the floor, but the new house's closet is a bit too small for me to put even my mattress in there so, if I intend to do that, I may have to do some uh "engineering" in the future. Haha.

My personal finances is still chugging along. In fact, year over year, my net worth is still shooting up, along with my savings. Growth in 2015 is slightly stunted by the furniture and other house-related purchases, but overall, it's still been stellar.

In fact, except in one small area, I have never been happier or at least content in my life. I guess that's the fact that I'm still single. I've met a couple of people here and there, but nothing has stuck so far. That's OK though. I can't say it enough: I'd rather be single than be in a bad relationship.

Uhhhh let's see what else? Honestly, I don't know. That's why I haven't blogged in like forever. I am at a point where everything that I can do anything about is where I would like it to be... all the way down to the exact type of credit cards I would like to own and the exact amount of credit limit I would like to carry. It's crazy to think that my financial house is finally, at long last... in order?! What else am I suppose to do now? Haha.

I confess I haven't been keeping track of this community, but I hope everyone reading this is doing just as well. If there's anything I should know about, please comment. Anyway, here's to a happy new year for you!

10 Responses to “Thanks Obama”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Happy New Year. It is good to hear from you. Tell us more about your new house? Is it a tiny house? (I have been watching a lot of "tiny house" shows on tv lately.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hey Ima! So glad to see you are still around.

    No, it's not a tiny house. It is a regular sized house, although at 1200 sq ft, it's not huge either.... although it is HUGE to me. I mean I look around and I'm like, "What am I going to do with all this space?"

    I would ideally still like a tiny house some day (or perhaps a RV), but for now, I'm going to do my best live here because, among other things, this house puts me only 10 minutes away from my work place... traffic permitting. Right now, that short commute is an incredibly big deal to me.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Hi BA! Congratulations on owning a new home! We moved this summer to the southeast (a coastal state)for my husband's work. We sold our home and are actually renting a 4 bedroom home which is much too large with only one daughter still at home most of the time.

    Not such a fan of executive orders that bypass Congress (although I do agree they have their own issues), since there is a reason for three branches of government.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hey CCF! Glad to see you too.

    Huh, I see your point. Any unilateral action by one branch is certainly not observing the usual checks and balances that goes into our fundamental governing system. I know many-- particularly on the Republican side-- have already voiced their great dismay at this.

    So, any particular reason for that 4 bedroom house for what appears to be a family of 3?

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Look, It's BA! I was thinking of doing a Saving Advice "Auld Acquaintance" list on New Year's, and you, Retire at 50 and a few others would feature, but I never got to it. I'm going on my fourth spring in London, but we still haven't moved back. Academic life is still fabulous with lots of eager young minds at work (!), and it seems I spend a lot of time paying for dental work and ortho. Not surprisingly, I support what Obama did. The anti gun control lobby has become insensible to common sense measures like gun show sales etc.
    How's your cooking coming?

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hey there, Castle! So, my cooking has been taking a back seat. I still have my crockpot, and I even added a steamer. Not sure if I mentioned that.

    Unfortunately, due to the move, lots of things have changed. I've also gotten back to working out, taking martial arts... and all in all, have less and less time.

    But I suppose I am just making excuses eh? I do have plans to cook more in the near future, so once I am settled in, that's definitely on my 2016 to-do list.

  7. patientsaver Says:

    Welcome back. I still remember your closet bedroom...can't believe you bought a house.

    Thanks for being open minded and supporting Obama...he really is trying to do the right thing

  8. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hello patient! And I remember you hahaha.

    Yeah, I kinda can't believe it either. I've already ran the numbers for the property tax, HoA, and insurance. Actually, they're relatively reasonable, but these are things that I am not used to paying but now will have to. Especially that property tax. Yowza.

    Still, I really really wanted a short commute, and this is a good house with a good location so it was hard to say no....

    And actually, for years, I've fantasized about actually having a place call home, and not just any old place to live. I am hoping this will give me the chance.

    If not, the house is in a good location that I strongly believe will only increase in value over time. So, I can always sell the place some day... and move into a REAL tiny house.

  9. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Hi BA!

    I agree with you that Obama IS trying. I just am a bit uneasy if he's pushed the limits of an EO and future presidents will use it for not such good motives. But what's done is done.

    I'm in full on house downpayment mode this year. My goal is to be actively looking at actual houses by August (being pre-approved.)

  10. pjmama Says:

    It's refreshing to see someone else who understands that owning/liking guns and tighter enforcement can peacefully coexist. I haven't read enough concerning what the president did, but it's nice to see someone taking action. There's no denying it's a problem. An incredibly scary one at that.

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